Passages for two Harps

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The composer’s words on ‘Passages’
‘Passages’ was composed in memory of Ayelet, a remarkable young Israeli who passed away at the early age of 29.  I will be forever grateful to her family for honoring me with the unique experience of composing this work.
While working on the composition I gradually learned about Ayelet’s life and personality from her family members.
Ayelet was extremely talented and successful in everything she chose to do. She passionately explored many fields of interest: music, hiking and camping, cooking, animal rescue and volunteering for social causes.
She completed her academic studies in psychology, mathematics, and computer science with honors.
Ayelet was a harpist. Among her favorite composers were Claude Debussy and Henriette Renie’.1. Desert Dawn
This movement is based on a repetitive beat which appears in different rhythmical patterns throughout the piece. These rhythms recall the energy of new life, childhood, and youth.
In the desert, the sun rises in its full glory into an open space where the basic needs for life are imperative – water, shelter, compassion, optimism, and love.2. Passages
As we experience different chapters in our life, we struggle through heavy emotions and flow through light ones. After each “passage” we see the same world from a new perspective.3. Epilogue
At the heart of Epilogue is a love theme which leads to a blues-style melody of nostalgia and eternal love.
I extend my deep appreciation and thanks to Michael Seltenreich and Daniel Markovich for their indispensable help in editing Passages.

Tali Glaser

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